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Jeck & Queency / Power of Choice

Jeck & Queency / Power of Choice

Oh how we love weekday weddings! The feeling is like waking up on Christmas morning and a set of custom made X-men Lego minifigures from waiting for you under the Christmas tree. (Well, I actually don’t know how that feels yet but I imagine that’d be awesome and since Christmas is right around the corner, I thought maybe this is something my unborn baby boy will appreciate in case my wife decides to get “him” these.)

Truly it was a wonderful experience being part of the wedding of Jeck and his bride Queency. It was unusually entertaining how some best kept secrets were revealed during the couples big day. In a surprise number, Jeck showcased his dance moves for the first time in front of his wife to prove to her that he was once a dance floor bad boy. And how can I forget the look on Queency’s face when her brother showed photographs of her Beauty Pageant days. Megan Young got nothing on her I can tell you that! =) Quite a love story they have too, reminds me a little bit of that old Filipino pop song “Hahabol-habol”. Oh and for the record, Jeck says nobody got busted. =)

Jeck Bisnar & Queency Cadag – Same Day Edit | Ceremony: St. Jerome, Morong Rizal | Reception: Paseo Rizal, Morong Rizal | Photo: Dino Lara

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