jaycee & candy

malate church – december 22, 2008
g hotel
patio victoria

i knew the fun-loving and always cheerful jaycee’s gonna give as soon as the historic doors of the malate church opens and his wife walks down the aisle. she wass just freakishly gorgeous, candy was, on her wedding day, and still to this moment, i wonder how they prepared such a wonderful event while both of them were abroad.

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  1. Candy says:

    Bim! Thank you so much for the beautiful onsite video.. It was such a fun experience working with your team!!!
    I watch this video 10x a day!!

    All the best.. you’re next :-P

  2. Olive Ordona says:

    Absolutely beautiful guys! Congratz! You guys deserve every moment of it. Brought tears to my eyes =)



  3. Love Baula says:

    I watched this so many times already but I can´t hold back my tears specially when jaycee starts to cry. This was the most semti part of this video. Complement to Bim great job!!!

  4. bim says: Author

    jeff (and lisa), thanks for dropping by. it was great working with you guys. see you again soon. =)

  5. Grace says:

    I definitely love this vid – the song.. the shots.. the transition.. everything! :) Can’t wait for ours as well. :) ..owe u a lot.. i know. :D bawi kami when we get back before the big day. ;)

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