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jay & ruby

november 26, 2008 – mt. carmel shrine
edsa sahngri-la
fr. horan hall, mt. carmel

it’s been a long time, more than a year to be exact, since i posted a 3d montage. no surprises there though as the special photo slideshow is only our second video of it’s kind.

speaking of rare happenings, this post includes a second video…the onsite video. =) fr. horan hall was jampacked on a wednesday evening…just shows how great friends the adorable couple have. =)

4 thoughts on “jay & ruby”

  • Hi Bim!

    I really, really love the videos of the 3D montage and same day edit you did for us. Just exactly what I expected…Perfect! I really couldn’t stop watching the videos, whether from the DVD copies or from your website. Jay and I really love the videos! We’re very proud to send the link of your website to our friends and relatives abroad so they could see how much you have truly captured the excitement of our momentous and enchanting wedding.

    Keep up the good work, and good luck on the videofest happening in January 2009. We look forward to seeing more of your outstanding videos. Please keep us posted.

    — Ruby and Jay

  • hi jay and ruby, it’s my pleasure. =) thank you for taking the time to post here in my blog and for sending the links to your friends. we had a lot of fun working with you guys. i look forward to seeing you again soon. happy honeymoon.

  • Hi Bim! Yes, Cris and I are officemates, and our workstations are just across each other, although we belong to different divisions. We only found out that we both got you as our videographer after we stumbled upon each other’s AVPs in your website. I also enjoyed viewing their AVP…and loved the song, too. Keep up the magnificent work! =)

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