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Jay and Anne | Shangri-la Mactan Ocean Pavillon

Jay and Anne | Shangri-la Mactan Ocean Pavillon

Wedding in Shangri-la Mactan Ocean Pavillon – Jay Cris and Anne Sator
Venue: Shangri-la Mactan
Photography: Orange Studio

I met Anne sometime in the last quarter of 2008 in Tagaytay. Yep, 2008 during the wedding of her sister Jen, one of the first ten weddings we covered when we started PTV! =) That’s a solid eight years ago when Anne wasn’t even legally allowed to drive a motor vehicle (she might be older but she do look younger than she actually is even today!) That was before she went to Melbourne, met Jay and married him twice!

Has she been watching our wedding films through all those years? How much time did she spend? How many weddings?

I’ll never know. What I do know is that this next one is her favorite! =)

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