International Wedding Videographer

James and Kat | La Luz Beach, Batangas

James and Kat | La Luz Beach, Batangas

James Notarte and Katrina Evangelista
Venu: La Luz Beach Resort, Batangas
Photo: Camzar Photo
Host: Zahra Bianca A. Saldua
Coordination: Kredin, The Events Engineer since 2006
Gown: Cheena Ng Lio
Styling: Red-Beri Flowers
Band: City of Karimnia


Ten years and a few months later.

The body has more mileage and the weapon of choice has changed but the passion is as strong as ever. Five continents later, here we are still telling stories like how we always do. Real.

No fancy parties (but I wish I had one,) just quietly celebrating with a glass of wine, listening to rock song covers on spotify and blogging a beautiful beach wedding in Batangas. That of James and Kat.

Man, this wedding film was posted in our Facebook Page and was on fire from the get go! Perhaps it’s James being a motivational speaker and a life coach but a gorgeous brides like Kat always help get those hits skyrocket in a instant. =) The groom rocked the Lunargrand 2.0 that I envied. I was barefoot when I was shooting him put it on. It was great that we had everything held in the same venue although I felt really old walking on the sand with all those heavy gear and the sweltering heat. Speaking with ten years of experience, let me tell you that beach weddings are the most difficult to shoot. Man it gets messy. But beach weddings are also the most beautiful. Dream about yours after watching this next film. =)