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invitation blues/bryan & tina

church: magallanes church
reception: le pavillion
hmu: val villarin
coordinator: just like ours

queen’s event management team is one of the best in the business. each member is efficient, effective and totally entertaining and it’s always a breeze working with them. =) it’s not really coincidence when i come up with an extra special wedding video whenever her team’s around. i got her as my wedding coordinator by the way.

once again, i underestimated the unpredictability of a wedding ceremony and once again my video turned out to be a hundred percent different than i saw it’d be. for the record, i still don’t understand what bryan said on the last sentence of his vows when his voice cracked but tina did and that’s all that matters.

song’s title’s “perfect.” indeed.

6 thoughts on “invitation blues/bryan & tina”

  • Hi Bim, Gen and the entire PTV team,

    Super thank you for the great SDE!
    The wedding wouldnt be as memorable without you, guys!
    At super salamat for capturing “Bryan’s moments” during his vows and the kiss the bride thing, ang cute cute!
    Thank you for the very quick posting, tamang tama for our relatives abroad who weren’t able to make it to the wedding.

    More power! I believe you’ll hit more than 200 for 2010! hehe

    Tina (married to Bryan)

  • tina & bryan! congrats!!!! luv the video! bim!! small world…tina & bryan are friends from college =)

  • hi mark and abby! i didn’t know that you’re still my videos two years after your wedding! =) hope to see you again soon. =)

  • bim: forever fans kami! sa 1oth wedding anniv ulit namin ni mark ha! ha ha!

    tina: yupyup re tin and kc, small world! wish u and bryan all the best…u look so happy together!

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