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Into the Sunset / Ryan & Jes

Into the Sunset / Ryan & Jes

The paracetamols and the antibiotics are daily reminders that in the peak of the wedding season, pushing one’s body to its limits bear consequences. I was feeling under the weather on the first of a four-day stretch but I had a solid six man team to back me up. Fortunately, I didn’t have to move around much as Ryan and Jes’ wedding, from preps to reception, was held at Sofitel. The wonderful details of the beautiful garden set-up by Teddy Manuel, however, was too much for me to resist that I found myself running back and forth under the unusually scorching hot November afternoon, at one time operating that heavy duty camera crane even, not passing on the chance to miss a beat. The end result – Ryan and Jes’ wonderful wedding SDE…and me spending the rest of that night inside Sofitel’s clinic (with two cute nurses, may I add!) ;)

And yeah, the paracetamols and antibiotic intake continues… All for the love of the game. =)

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