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give me chicken//ja & nini

ceremony: santuario de san antonio
venue: north forbes pavillion
photo: ian santillan

during our first meeting, ja and nini had so many ideas for their video. i constantly receive emails from the groom about how he wants to do some stuff for the sde and surprise his lovely bride. on our second meeting however, some three days before the big day, they informed me that it is best if i’ll just take care of the video for them and do anything i wanted. and that i did…and that (i think) i am good at. =)

i did get a huge lift from fr. jboy (my favorite priest) in doing this video…but in a wedding this good and a couple this wonderful, all i was left to do was press record. =)

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  • I cried at the wedding and I cried again after seeing this story. Thank you for creating a beautiful film for my brother and his wife.

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