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home away from home

bora tree

what happened during the last four days of our lives was nothing short of legendary. from a beautiful wedding to broken bones. from fruitshakes to pizzas to isaws by the beach. rain or shine, it was, is and will always be my paradise.

a high-def video capable slr is my weapon of choice any day of the week. =) during impromptu vacations such as this, i’ll get myself a couple of snapshots because, well, that’s what all normal bakasyonistas do…

my wife and i.

the couple

couple 2

the wife

summer mode on! expect more photos with the rayban in different locations in and out of the philippines coming soon!

the ban

red coconut’s margherita pizza is the bomb! try it out with overflowing tabasco on it! i always come back for more.

red coconut

the infamous “karate” jump shots.

flyuing kick

did i mention that i am a local legend?

yeah baby

…but i’m no ordinary bakasyonista. i’ll document this epic moment with a video camera and make four short films about it!

a korean dude came to me while i was enjoying my board and told me that he dreamt of skimboarding all his life. what the heck, i taught him the very first trick i’ve learned…fall down hard!

when you visit boracay, and i know you will sooner than later, you have to try the zorb! a little bit overpriced in my opinion but still one hell of a ride!

watch out for the onsite video that is equally legendary soon!

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  • We will be flying to Boracay (via Manila) this July and are looking for a great place to stay. I have read reviews of Dave’s Straw Hat Inn in Boracay. Has anyone stayed there? What did you think of it?

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