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[heaven]&[tammy & enggay]

date: december 28, 2009//ceremony: santuario de san antonio//photography: terry uy//venue:north forbes pavillion, makati city//couture: veluz reyes

happy new year! better late than never. =)

what a year that was. 2009 was the best year i had since i entered the wedding industry, and may i say that things are still looking up! another year of experience gained and millions of lessons learned. there were a few bumps and disappointments along the way but you know what they say, what didn’t kill you will only make you better.

i had a lot of stuff in mind that i want to do, and everyday i come up with brand new ideas like documentaries and short films that could help spread awareness about everyday lives of ordinary people. perhaps i can get myself involved in helping out with the environment and make a little difference.

too many things to do and a lot of time to do it. for now, i’ll get back to business. back to the day tammy and enggay got married. from here on, i’ll make the video tell the story.

2 thoughts on “[heaven]&[tammy & enggay]”

  • hi bim and gen! there should be a “like” button somewhere over here ;)

    congratulations! the videos keep getting better and better!

  • wow! where’s the super like button?! =) I can’t thank you enough Bim and Gen for capturing wonderful memories of our special day =) It’s all that I expected and more!=) This video never fails to transport me back to our wedding day; I was dazed most of the time (I think! haha) so this is really a great reminder that it really happened!! haha! Super surreal talaga as this was being played during the reception…imagine, Tam and I starring in a Phoeben Teocson vid?! =)

    Thank you so much again Bim and Gen and to the rest of the PTV team. Keep up the good work. God bless! =)

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