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hair glitters//ken & janice

hair glitters//ken & janice

international wedding: st. teresa, singapore | reception: klapson’s the boutique hotel singapore | photo: mangored, jayson and joanne international | couture: veluz

for just this instance, let’s forget about money shots. let’s drop them fancy crane shots and smooth glides. for just this instance, let’s indulge ourselves to the beautiful celebration that was ken and janice’s wedding like we’re all part of it. i’ll try my best to bring a little bit of the experience, a sneak peek per se, right in the comfort of your own viewing pleasure.

it was rainy season in singapore and the challenge for our usual husband and wife team was again pushed to another level. hmmmm, the nostalgia that the film brings somehow misses the epic story that was the night before about my driving over the speed limit and our almost missed flight. well then, i hate to keep you from falling in love with the latest from twilight’s ost (before this ear-candy goes viral) so here’s the video. =)

2 thoughts on “hair glitters//ken & janice”

  • Bim and Gen,

    Ken and I loooved this video that you made. It’s so sweet :) Thank you so much! My mom says she has viewed this video more than 10x already. I can see why. You both did an awesome job.

    It was so nice to finally meet you both in Singapore. Good job with the driving, Bim — I’m glad you didn’t miss the flight :)


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