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i have never been a bride nor will i ever be one. i mean, i’ve been a groom once and i know how it feels like…but what intrigues me is what a bride really sees/remembers during her wedding day. instead of asking my wife about her experience during our wedding day, i decided not to open pandora’s box and ask someone else.

liberty had more suppliers than guests during her big day. i know she’s got one heck of a story to tell and i’m really glad that she was kind enought to share it with me. =) here’s her unedited story.

Sunny April Thursday… 04.15.2010! Me and Christian officially logged out and we started our history together as man and wife. It was a beautiful day… the sun was shining brightly outside, blue skies above us, a clear view of the Manila Bay from my bridal suite! It was raining a couple of days before the wedding and with the rain poured all the sleepless nights, aching pains all over my body. I just stopped thinking about the wedding hence… I was not able to do a couple of things —- the misalette, seat plan and the remaining escort cards! I was too damn tired… I just dropped everything and let things fall into its place.

The day just went by so fast… Breakfast with my sisters, Bethany and Christian. After which, I took a warm bath, dress up and then suppliers and family members started arriving at around 10. I had a panic moment at this time since my OTD coordinator was not yet there and I do not know what do to with the people coming in. Phone was ringing off the hook, as reception asked permission if they will let the suppliers up. I only felt relaxed when I sat at the make up chair. Val Villarin started using his magic on me while the photo-video team of the century document all the things happening around me. Yes.. we have the best of the best photographers and videographers. When did you see a wedding with Jayson & Jo Anne Arquiza and Paul Vincent taking the pictures while Chug Cadiogan and Phoben Teocson manned the video cameras! Their photo-video package is one of the many blessings we got for our wedding. One thing I cannot forget during the hours of preparations is the shutters clicking away. It was crazy. Everybody was laughing. I cried. My mom cried. My dad cried. We laughed.

While waiting in the car at the Church, I can see that one of my female entourage has not arrived yet but I did not mind that. She is a lawyer for crying out loud and I knew that she had a hearing to go earlier in the morning! So no need to be mad about that! They started the march and when I alighted the bridal car or the “mafia van” as they dubbed it, I felt the excitement building up. I can hear the intro of Francis Magalona’s “Labsong.” As I walked I can hear the whisper of the photo team to walk slowly since the aisle of Sta. Maria Goretti Parish in Pope Pius XII Catholic Center is very short! So I took my time. Met my parents halfway and then reminded my dad not to cry! It was so surreal. I cannot see anything but Christian’s face. He is the reason why I am standing at the foot of the altar and I know I am the reason why he is there as well. As the mass started, Christian was really shaking! He was so nervous I think he can vomit right there and then! He just relaxed after the exchanges of the vows and rings!

After the ceremony, the dreaded photo sessions began. Christian is not a big fan of picture takings and I slightly share that thing with him. It was okay for him at first to take the pictures within the church grounds until Paul Vincent said “Let’s go to Baywalk!” Christian was dumb-founded. When we reached Baywalk, he dropped his jaw and uttered “Andaming tao!” He just followed the flow! Funny moment at the time is him whispering continuously …. “nakakahiya.. nakakahiya.. nakakahiya… andaming tao.. andaming tao!!!” I just assured him by saying “think of the pictures…think of the pictures…”

The reception ceremony was fun and short. We did not want to keep our guests since it was a Thursday and they have to work the next day. We are really happy how the whole wedding ended up. We never realized that it will be as elegant as what we saw. Our guests were satisfied with the food and the way everything was executed.

There is no such thing as a perfect wedding. We have our shares of bloopers:
– I forgot to buy my prep shirt… my sister had to run to the nearby mall to get it.
– My bridal shoes would not fit me! Good thing I have a spare white shoes.
– We planned to have our personal vows early in the wedding preps but ditched it the day before since we were so darn tired!

What is important is that I married my chatmate.. my drinking buddy and the one I want to wake up to every morning!

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