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groom’s idea/ymer & rhia

destination wedding: madre de dios chapel, tagaytay
photo: terry uy
venue: tagaytay highlands

i was suppose to blog this video the other week.

three days ago, i got this facebook message from rhia:

according to ymer: he can watch our onsite AVP forever, hahaha
we love it to pieces!…cant wait to show it to our friends…thanks again! all the best to u and gen! ;)

which reminds me…i haven’t replied to her message yet! =)

1 thought on “groom’s idea/ymer & rhia”

  • To Ymer & Rhia – thousands of miles away, I woke up this morning to view the most wonderful, heart-touching video of your wedding! Indeed it was a beautiful day when a very beautiful bride and a handsome groom
    surrouonded by loving family and friends culminated a love story before the Almighty!
    With our Lord and Saviour in the center of your lives, there is no room for tears, pain, sorrow – only tears of joy, love and peace as you two face a beautiful world ahead of you. Spread your wings Ymer & Rhia -there is truly only a beautiful life ahead of you!
    Much love,
    Tarits Unnie

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