International Wedding Videographer

[good]//[jose & liza]

date: november 7, 2009//church: sta. maria dela strada//preps: edsa shangri-la//reception: glass garden//photo: paul vincent photography

as the day nears, i get more excited. the schedule is as hectic as it can be and every day ends can’t seem to be enough. even my constantly updated blog has been neglected this past week. =) i have less than seven days left before i kiss bachelorhood goodbye and i’m having a lot of fun doing so. =)

we’re finally done with our prenuptial pictorial and should time permit, i’ll try to squeeze in some footage of that awesome shoot with my great friend, oly ruiz. ninong jason also informed me that our wedding film will be processed in high definition! old school meets new school baby!!!

the first wave of our relatives abroad has also arrived. first up, my sister and her two baby girls…and all hell breaks loose every time a 1 and a half year old and a 3 month old cry at the same time. the future, my friend, looks brighter than ever!

i promised myself that i’d post at least two more onsite videos in my blog before i tie the knot. here’s one with a song that sounds like it came from a generation i didn’t belong to. i loved it the first time i heard it. plus, the mother and daughter moment is totally money!

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