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Gian and Tina | St. John Bosco Parish

Gian and Tina | St. John Bosco Parish

St. John Bosco Parish – Gian Paolo Canilao & Tina Reyes
Venue: Le Parc, Pasay City

Tears of joy, studies suggest, is the mind’s way of restoring one’s emotional equilibrium.

Ironic that by crying, we are able to express our utmost happiness. It keeps us focused; steady. Even in the most overwhelming situations.

Weird yet it works.

Ask our groom Gian…and his best man…and his mom…and his dad! His wedding day was a beautiful memory. There were extra shoulder tapping; there were tighter and longer than usual hugs; there were too much tears from too many pairs of eyes.

Ah the poetry of being human, one reason I’m so in love with this job.

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