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gamepoint: where legends are made//dave and larae

destination wedding: st. mary’s cathedral, sydney, australia

i’d be lying if i’ll say that this is not the wedding that i’ve been waiting for all year. =) as a matter of fact, i’ve been looking forward to this since the day i received larae’s first email.

where do i begin? how about some five hours before the ceremony, in my leather shoes, scarf and sweater:

it was the most beautiful catholic church i have ever seen in my life. simply mind blowing.

my usual team of six is cut down to me and my wife. wearing my cecilio abad suit, i carried eight kilos in my back and another seven kilos in my arms. it was freezing, less than 17 deg C, but by then we were four days in and we’re getting used to the extremely cold weather. my one and only concern was the time i have available until the onsite video is needed. regardless, i was stupid enough to hang around until the last second of the couples pictorials. i was playing it cool but i was nervous as hell.

i watched this video three times over and i still can’t believe that it was done by our team of two. doable but extremely difficult. =) my wife and i are very glad to work with my favorite couple in the world, the naturally gorgeous larae and the always bubbly david, for trusting us and flying us and taking care of us during our stay. we had the best time of our lives. =)

also, shoutout to my and jazz for a wonderful brazilian dinner, chris and joanne manahan for making sure we’re doing well the whole time, and to erin davadilla for bringing us lunch and helping out with our coverage. enjoy the video and like only if you really do! =)

by the way, here’s the koala…

and here’s the kangaroo!

8 thoughts on “gamepoint: where legends are made//dave and larae”

  • I’m still amazed at how well this video turned out knowing how much time you two had when doing it. I know you’ve heard it before, but it can’t be repeated enough… job well done!

    It was nice meeting you guys. I’ll remember you when my time comes!

  • Hi Phoeben & Gen! Hope to see you again soon! :D sa susunod ako nman ah :) nagenjoy din kaming kasama kayo. kung kelangan nyo ng magaassist, we’re just a text away :) hahahaha.

  • Hi Joanne, maraming maraming salamat uli sa inyo ni Chris. Hope to see you soon! Pag kailangan ng assistant, i’ll keep you guys in mind…sna sa Australia uli.haha! =)

  • Wow, you’ve outdone yourselves in this video. Beautiful :)Wish we have that church in the Philippines… within Metro Manila… in Manila-Makati area to be exact. Haha :)

  • hi bim, exceptional and heartfelt video, well done to u and ur wife! ur right, it’s such a beautiful church! i’ve never even been to sydney yet! one day though! would love to meet up when ur in melbourne, lets look at the churches here and eat something yummy :)

  • Hi Bim,
    I just saw this post! It was my pleasure to be a part of your ‘team’.. I will definitely look you guys up when it’s gonna be my turn! :) And I agree St. Mary’s Cathedral is simply breathtaking..

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