Fr. Allen de Guzman is Bad*ss!

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Fr. Allen de Guzman is Bad*ss!

Destination Wedding: Transfiguration Chapel, Calaruega
Reception: Taal Vista, Tagaytay
Photo: Erron Ocampo
Presider: Fr. Allen de Guzman

My freakin’ vimeo account is like a bag of goodies. I can pick any one of them films I got there and I am guaranteed to have something special. As a matter of fact, I went eeny meeny miny moe and ended up with Ramil and Michelle’s SDE. =)

Michelle’s smile is a can’t miss. Something that registers so darn fine on camera. Ramil needed no smile to look good, he’s in his usual charming self every time I see him. Somehow, I have a feeling that this couple is one of them that I won’t forget. See, early last October 18, 2013, I woke up like any other day and got ready for this couple’s prenuptial video shoot. Except of course October 18 was not like any other day. For the first time in my career, I had to excuse myself in the middle of their e-session and rush to the hospital to witness the birth of my son. =) And these kinds of things, and the people involved in it, are the ones that usually sticks. =) Hopefully they won’t forget me neither. Here’s their wedding AVP in case you’re curious what we came up with. =)

Kudos to Rabbithole Creatives for the styling and of course, I had my team to cover for me when I left after the fourth set. Special thanks to Erron Ocampo for giving my team a ride back home with the 12 feet crane, a hundred pounds of weight and all other video stuff. =)

Fast forward to their wedding day. Like my stock market fb buddies usually say before a post, this is not a buy or a sell recommendation. I just happen to be a huge fan of Fr. Allen de Guzman.

Well yeah, I’m familiar with this awesome Calaruega priest that totally rocks wedding ceremonies at the Transfiguration Chapel. As a matter of fact, I’ve been part of his patented two-hour wedding ceremonies/concerts quite a few times already but I have to admit, I can’t get enough. It’s a roller coaster ride. He’ll get serious, will make you think deep and feel the moment then out of nowhere he drops some basketball statistics from the San Mig-Rain or Shine Finals game the night before. And it gets interesting. He pulls out his iPad filled with tricks keeping everyone involved. A few song numbers every now and then didn’t hurt neither. As earlier mentioned, I am talking about super priest Fr. Allen de Guzman. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of him but if you’re getting married in Calaruega, you may want to check him out. I never saw anyone sleeping during his wedding ceremonies ever. =)

If you haven’t watched an onsite video that includes five songs, brace yourself people! This has got to be a record! Five songs, you read that right!

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