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The Definition of Perfect

The Definition of Perfect

Frandy Salazar & Kathleen Reyes
Ceremony: Madre de Dios Tagaytay Highlands
Reception: Tagaytay Midlands Veranda, tagaytay Highlands
Photo: Joel Garcia
Styling: Michael Ruiz
Pre-wedding Location: Fortune Island Batangas

It’s 3 AM on the 20th of January, some fifty hours since our last wedding coverage. 2014 has come and gone but the craziness that is the wedding season is yet to subside. As of this writing, PTV’s got seven more exciting events ’til this month ends. =) I remember going home the other night finding my wife and boy sleeping side by side. A de ja vu of when I left them in that exact position earlier that day. Long days and short nights have been the routine this past few weeks but I find the early morning shower the most challenging part of the job. =) Today I find myself facing the challenge of reliving one the most beautiful weddings we covered in 2014.

Frandy and Kathleen invited us to film their pre-wedding pictorial at the isolated Fortune Island Batangas. See, epic is perhaps the most overused word to describe a wedding photograph/film but the aerial footage combined with the island’s surreality make this video the very definition of the word. I’ve watched it over and over and it still takes my breath away. =)

The wedding itself was equally jaw dropping. I remember arriving on a foggy Tagaytay highlands morning and finding Kathleen getting ready in her cabin. Calm and composed in her usual cheerful self. Spending time with the couple in Fortune Island Batangas before the wedding day made us closer to each other and shooting their big day was almost too easy. The first two scenes defined our day, everything was falling into place. The gown shot was money! The slow-mo fits the PTV style perfectly; nothing overly romantic nor cheesy. Best of all, the couple’s well written vows were equally well delivered.

I swear the 500mL Red Bull is keeping me on my feet but the satisfaction of creating this wonderful wedding film for Frandy and Kathleen was beyond words. It was our last wedding of the year 2014, the tail end of a five-wedding marathon and our A-game was still on. I don’t get full credit, PTV is one heck of a team! =)

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