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Ang Katuparan ng Pangarap

Ang Katuparan ng Pangarap

Billy Aceron & Rose Valerie Tesoro
Ceremony: Fernbrook Gardens
Reception: Fernbrook Gardens
Photo: Paul Vincent Photography
Coordinator: Celia B. Cunanan

Valerie was drop dead gorgeous. So stunning that Billy fumbles his wedding vow like it was the first time he’s talking to her. He’s been tensed all day, excited and nervous at the same time. She was cool. If she ever was nervous, she did a really good job hiding it. Their exchange in front of the altar truly tells the story of how an individual’s perspective changes when (cheesy line alert!) one finds true love. =)

It’s been a while since we last shot a wedding at the Fernbrook Gardens. The charm of this magical venue simply never fades. Check out BIlly and Val’s wedding SDE. =)

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