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Fast & Furious / Jaypee & Cyree

Fast & Furious / Jaypee & Cyree

Can somebody please stop me from jumping into the pool? Or better yet, somebody push me please!

February is the unofficial start of the new year in the wedding industry…or at least for me. The madness and hallucinations caused by sleep deprivation slowly disappears along with the cold holiday breeze (in some places) signalling the start of a very eventful, at least for me, summer. Kicking this new season was spending the first Sunday of the month watching UFC Edgar-Aldo slugfest followed by a three movie marathon followed by the TV series Modern Family four-episode marathon. Man life is good. And although post production is as crazy as ever, that it’s how my regular life rolls anyway.But before i hit play on my HD player for another set of butt-sweating tele-movie marathon I thought of sharing this wonderful wedding that we did back in oh so long ago December in Batangas. Enjoy! =)

Jaypee delos Santos & Cyree Silva – Same Day Edit | Destination Wedding: Parish of San Sebastian, Batangas | Reception: Indigo Suites and Pavillon, Batangas | Photo: Eugene Martinez | Coordinator: Supernatural Management Inc.

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