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Fast Forward 2013

Fast Forward 2013

Wow! Still the words escape me when I look back to last weekend’s very successful Fast Forward 2013, the first and only videography collective in the Philippines. It was my very first time to speak in front of a crowd and to be honest, I never imagined doing such thing. Sharing the stage with film/commercial directors Marie Jamora and Jason Tan, cinemtographers Dix Buhay and Barry Braverman, colorist Marilen Magsaysay, and my fellow wedding videographer Treehouse Story was indeed a highlight for my not so old videography career. I requested to go in and talk first thinking the participants will be late and I’ll be speaking to just few early birds but the room was freakin’ packed like it was Noah’s Ark even before I step up onto the stage. Perhaps it was a good thing the spotlight blinded my view from four feet away and beyond or I would’ve freaked out even worse!

In my personal point of view, Fast Forward is not only a video seminar for aspiring filmmakers and video enthusiasts, it is where one’s passion for videography gets pushed into the next and perhaps the most crucial level. It is where hobby becomes career and it answers the question “where do I go from here?” The exact same question I asked myself a few years back and man I would’ve killed to have Fast Forward back then. To be honest, I’m not very confident with my public speaking skills but the vision of the organizers who happen to be my good friends Jayson and Joanne Arquiza is just so freakin’ awesome that I felt compelled to share my wonderful experience as a wedding videographer.

Plus, the JP Cuison artwork is just bad ass I needed to have one of me!

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