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A Family Affair


It has been a month and a half ago when a rare reunion happened in our family. The last time we were together was in 2009 when I got married. We have spent too much time apart that these rare occasions are truly cherished. I have been shooting weddings for quite a while now that I’ve forgotten how it feels like to host a celebration. I felt obligated to make sure that they get their money and time’s worth during this trip. You know how balikbayans are. I lost count of the number of trips (sometimes in the same day) we had to Greenhills and Divisoria. There’s also the traditional family breakfast at Jollibee. Don’t even get me started with the non-stop body massages. Made me wonder if this is how the usual wedding week goes for my soon-to-be married clients. I did shoot during the wedding but my perspective as a wedding videographer somehow changed. Knowing almost everyone in the wedding party, I was a little overwhelmed. There were times when I was a little lost figuring out how I did this hundred of times before. “Did I get enough exposure for my aunt?” “Did my baby boy get enough milk?” “Are my friends on table 12 doing alright?” “Is my mother-in-law doing okay?”

Since everyone was already here, my wife and I decided to get our boy Basti baptized. Being busy with quite a few things, I let my wife put everything together. We tried really hard to keep it to less than 40 people. It turns out more than half of the guests were ninongs/ninangs and the other half were our immediate families. We also got printed invitation sponsored by the always awesome The Goldfish Pool. And of course, the scene-stealing baptismal gown sponsored by no other than Veluz!


If you didn’t already know, airport departure areas are the saddest places in the world. I hate that place. It’s broken my heart one too many times. Each trip feels like a walk to the gallows. Why can’t it be like the airport arrival area, my happiest place on earth? I never truly understand the concept of being apart but it is what it is. I guess it’s for the best. Thank God for Facetime. Looking forward to our next reunion, perhaps some twenty plus years from now, when one of our third generation gets married! =)


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