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#FaceTheSun Adventures in Boracay

#FaceTheSun Adventures in Boracay

Here I am staring at my screen trying to put into words about how awesome this past month was. I recently came back from a trip and I’m saving my adventures in Honolulu, Napa and San Francisco for another day. Tonight I go all the way back to Boracay to tell the story how my summer of ’14 began.

I admit that it’s a little bit too late as I share this project we did for Pond’s summer campaign entitled #FaceTheSun Adventures in Boracay but you know how the corporate world goes with their green light and all that stuff. Anyway, for this project, we get to work with the lovely Jasmine Curtis and the ever so gorgeous Nicole Andersson. I swear to god that every time these beautiful ladies turned away from me I die a little inside. As our project title suggests, we were required to shoot during that time of day when the sun is nastiest and the sand is scorching hot. Nah, 10 AM was just too comfortable and sunlight after four was no good so that 11 AM – 4 PM window was the best that we got! Nobody complained. As a matter of fact, my skin tone is still recovering from the sunburn. =) I did enjoy my beer every after the day’s shoot. I was in paradise with two of the country’s most beautiful, what else could i have asked for? Although I did have to be an annoying bugaw boy during one of the challenges and we get to almost miss a flight back home, this was one of them good ones. =)

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