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edward and cielo

july 24, 2008 – university of the philippines
crowne plaza

sedated by silence after four long days of laughter, gossiping and fooling around with hundreds of different faces, i woke up this afternoon with a smile of contentment on my face. my ankles hurt, my throat is sore, my back aches a little and i terribly need a masseuse (no, no, not the kind that offer special services.) =) today, i go back to work, but before everything else, i will blog!…today, i blog about the first day of that long but very fulfilling four days. =)

thursday started quite well and the weather was great. i was so excited to try out my new camera and our new lens that i had a hard time sleeping the night before…when i read the word “super” in the macro lens’ box, i didn’t think it really was that super!!! man oh man, was i in for a treat! check out the screen grab!

i knew the perfect song to use as soon as cielo informed me that it was a french-themed wedding! everybody may have heard the song before (which is a good thing because they can sing along) but not this version. working with mangored is always crazy as hell. with mangoryan and mangorandall laughing like we own the place, i always look forward to working with them. mind blowing ideas these guys have.

even the rain was unable to stop the fun. it did, however, gave me extra time to get the video done in time. the pastor loved the video so much that he said he’ll get married again soon. i just hope he’ll marry the same woman he married the first time!..and of course, get me to shoot it!!! =) check out the video here.

the day after, while cielo and edward are enjoying their free boracay honeymoon, we were getting ready for ptv’s very first bridal fair…the wedding congress…but this is a totally a different story. =)

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