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Double SDE & WEVA CEA 2012!

Double SDE & WEVA CEA 2012!

I was ten days out and again I find myself in a familiar situation where my Macbook Air is uploading a wedding video while it simultaneously render another as I write this better-late-than-never blog entry. August turned out really great! In paper, the ghost month looked as boring as ever but, as they say, you’ll never know ’til the fat lady sings. Of course there’s this awesome wedding we did in Quebec city which I’ll be posting soon but the biggest surprise is our recent Weddings and Events Videorapher Association (WEVA) Creative Excellence Awards 2012 wins that got us totally psyched up!

For those who haven’t heard yet, our wedding in Hunter Valley, Australia won silver in SDE category and Louis Cua of Team PTV won Gold for Social Events Highlights category. We are so friggin’ happy we’ve been chicken dancing all month! In addition to this (as I have mentioned some time ago, I’ve been moonlighting as an iPhoneographer) I got two of my prints featured in no less than Hipstamatic’s July/August Snap Magazine! How cool is that!?! I should start offering some photography services! =)

When flowers arrived in Anna’s room on her wedding day, the note from her groom said “Happy Birthday!” I find it pretty cool actually, thinking she’d receive two gifts from him every anniversary…unless of course Earl sees it the other way around and have the occasions work to his advantage, if you know what i mean. ;) Either way their wedding anniversary will always be extra special!
Earl Ortega & Anna Gapasin – Same Day Edit | Ceremony: Malate Church | Reception: 1Esplanade | Photography: Redfox Photography | Coordination: Events Expertos | HMU: Mayone Bakunawa | Gown: Sassa Jimenez

Carla was uneasy. She hardly slept the night before. It was the peak of the storm-like Habagat and some guests, including members of the entourage already sent messages that they can’t make it. Amidst her worrying, her natural fun and charming personality couldn’t not be broken. It was, after all, her wedding day. =) Happy brides make happy wedding films!

Don Dematera & Carla Bathan – Same Day Edit | Church: St. Therese | Reception: Blue Leaf | Photography: Bobby delos Santos | Couture: Niko Hernandez

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