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Det & Shean / Bawal Demure

Det and Shean’s rooms we’re both filled with their carefree entourage that seemed to have brought in more than enough positive energy required in one’s wedding. Everybody was crazy and having fun bordering too happy if there’s such a thing, and it was the perfect way to celebrate one’s special day. Of course, the being too happy part may, or not, be blamed on the readily available alcohol. =)

I love it when wedding videos are able to show the personalities of the people involved and I feel that we were able to do exactly that in Det and Shean’s SDE. Enjoy watching! =)

Det Dysangco & Shean Morela – Same Day Edit | Ceremony: San Agustin Church | Reception: 1Esplanade | Photo: Toto Villaruel | Coordinator: Events Experts by Jody Liwanag | HMU: Jasmine Mendiola

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