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Googling New Recipes

Googling New Recipes

Ceremony: Transfiguration Chapel, Tagaytay City
Reception: Bali Village Tagaytay
Photo: Jaja Samaniego

Story-telling is, at least for me, the most significant part of filmmaking. Unfortunately, this is not a technique learned overnight nor a special effect that can be integrated any time. If that was the case then investing in one’s wedding film is not worthy of that much money couples today pay for. I love the aesthetics, the fancy pain-in-the-pocket filmmaker tools; the color grading and the cinematography; aerial perspective even but without story-telling then the wedding video is just a mere moving picture slideshow.

In this social media generation, a filmmaker can only wish that one frame can define the whole film. Sadly, an Instagram post won’t reveal how Fritz and Sheryl’s flight to the Philippines a couple of days before their wedding day coincided with super storm Glenda. This turbulent twist led to an 18 hour lay-over in Cebu before finally reaching the typhoon damaged Tagaytay. So bad that their original hotel had to turn them away because it has shut down operations for at least a month. Even the Lake Hotel, in which the couple were fortunate enough to book in such short notice, was in a pretty bad shape (refer to the screen grab above.) Here’s where I end the story that the couple’s 4 minute SDE couldn’t tell. What it can show you is a glimpse of how tricky and cruel destiny can sometimes be and that one’s wedding day will be beautiful even in worst case scenarios. =)

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