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april 26, 2008 – boracay
the holy rosary church
mandala spa
friday’s resort

our recent trip to boracay was simply amazing. we were able to enjoy the beach for one whole day. it almost felt like it was a vacation! man, i almost got myself into a beach volleyball tourney only to chicken out the last minute. in my defense, the last time i played v-ball was when i was in high school ten years ago and my partner, erwin (my main shooter) has no experience at all. plus, the other players looked like they’ve been playing beach volley all their lives! (call me prejudice but their skin tone, in my opinion ain’t tan, it’s…uhm…burned…and i believe the reason for this is, well, beach volleyball!) if only i got gen suited up to play with me, i would’ve gladly gotten my behind kicked with her. =) nonetheless, everything is absolute fun!

i promised myself i’m gonna get me an SLR soon but then again i’m a videographer with a video blog and the best way to document our trips/adventures is, yep, a 3ccd video camera. =) gen gets the credit for this one, she did the arrangement and the clip selection…all i actually did was tell her what song to use! =) enjoy the video.


  1. gen
    June 8, 2008

    happy times! =)

  2. Ed
    June 14, 2008

    Heya Bim,

    Nicely done.. Noticed that you’re using wordpress as well. Placing your videos on your site is a much nicer way :) Try using the Flash Video Player plugin by Joshua Elridge. Currently using that one and it’s awesome :)

  3. bim
    June 14, 2008

    hey ed, thanks man. i’ll definitely look into that. =)


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