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Last September, my wife and I met with one of the Philippines’ premiere wedding couturier Zandra Lim-Imasa and asked me to make her a fashion film. Although I’ve seen a couple of Norman Cavazzana films and a few Catwalk fail compilation videos in youtube, I boldly took the project anyway…I mean, what could possible go wrong? My wife is an avid fan of Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model plus we have Fashion TV and more importantly, I have google, vimeo and wikipedia at my disposal should I be needing some extra research, right? Well, almost! I have watched an entire vimeo channel featuring the best fashion films in the planet but somehow, I couldn’t get a grasp of it. In the end, I went with my instincts and channeled my inner Pablo Picasso and a little bit of Matt Groening and got the ball rolling! The script my wife and I had is not even close to the film’s final cut and yet we felt liberated with our output. I would like to thank our model and soon to be bride herself Irish who got sunburned during filming. She was a real sport and for somebody with no professional experience, she was phenomenal! I would also like to thank my good friend who became my impromptu assistant director during the shoot, Jayson Arquiza. And of course, I would like to thank Zandra for giving us the opportunity to do this exciting project (and for making my wife a real stunner during the very first Philippine Wedding Industry Ball.) We’d love to make more of these bad boys in the future.

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