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dan & jen (not the wedding videographers)

december 15, 2008 – calaruega
t house

monday morning traffic is too much to bear, lucky for me i was asleep the whole trip. i was busy the night before (maybe 2-3 a.m. in the morning) putting on the finishing touches to the couples 3d montage. =)

i got the colds a couple of days before dan & jen’s wedding and tagaytay’s weather wasn’t helping. =) this is not the kind of job where you can just give a medical certificate, fake or not, to be excused. in the end, it was another day well spent and another cool onsite video for the blog. enjoy! =)

2 thoughts on “dan & jen (not the wedding videographers)”

  • bim+gen and the gang, it was one heck of a day for us having you around! your team was everything we wanted and more…superb, fun, easy and SWELL! loved, loved the vid, it was so us :)

    soar even higher, budding poster boy ;)

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