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christmas lights/eric & wendy

church: basilica de san sebastian
venue: dusit hotel
couture: jun escario
hmu: madge lejano
coordinator: clarice avinante

we were on our second wedding of year 2010 and my wife and i were discussing that wendy’s gown is our gown of the year. three months later, her dress is still the best. =)

1 thought on “christmas lights/eric & wendy”

  • Hi there! I happened to chance upon your website on one of the Facebook posts of a friend. You did such a great job in this video! Wow! Very good lighting, very unconventional angles, very good pacing! What’s the score and who sang it? It goes really well with your shots. Wonderful job! :D By the way, is the Wendy here Wendy Yu? I think she was my classmate in college in Ateneo. Again, great job! :D

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