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Charmed Life / Izzy & Jen

Charmed Life / Izzy & Jen

Memories come in handy these days thanks to high quality camera phones. I myself has been so addicted to instant photo sharing sites that my iphone 4 requires to be fully charged twice daily. No kidding! It truly is a totally different experience seeing places and people from all over the world through somebody else’s perspective. This actually inspired me to create a book, a photo book to be more precise, made from Hipstamatic prints all taken with my iPhone and it’s actually getting together quite well. =) It’s a collection of photographs from the most random things like colorful umbrellas and hot sauce collection to the most majestic places we’ve been to like Lake Como in Italy and the always breathtaking Kinkakuji in Kyoto.

This “project” of mine has actually been pushing my imagination to its limits and is keeping my creative juices flowing. What’s even more crazy is the fact that I see these still images and imagine them as moving pictures and gazillion what ifs pop out. During Izzy and Jen’s wedding, these what ifs are put into tests and a whole new dimension of seeing things has opened up. Watch out for top shots, smooth camera rotations and imagination coming to life because…well, why not?

Israel Sacabon & Jennifer Mendoza – Same Day Edit | Ceremony: San Agustin Church | Reception: Sofitel | Photography: Dino Lara

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