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Charles & Eileen / Sleeping with the Enemy

Charles and Eileen approached us a few months before their wedding day with an idea. They wanted to make a tribute video for their family and friends using photographs but they didn’t want the usual photo slideshow. And like any other couple, they wanted to make an extraordinary AVP, something out of the box. Of course, who would want another boring growing up photo slideshow right? So we drafted the story board, tweaked a few major/minor things during the actual shoot and recorded the impromptu VO. Man, I wish it was as easy as it sounds.

We open the month of August with a special treat: two PTV videos to start the month! Check out what we came up with for their photo slideshow and of course their wedding SDE. Enjoy!=)

Ceremony: Santuario de San Antonio | Reception: Century Park Hotel | Photo: Oly Ruiz

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