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chad & knelle

february 20, 2009 – santuario de san antonio
le pavillion

the following video is shot entirely in high definition. well…since we are getting a lot of people signing up our hd package as of late, i needed to know how it feels like doing it on the day. i wish i could say that everything went smooth as expected but it didn’t…and since i wanted to come up with a lot of stuff, try to put in a lot of things, well, i panicked a little (or maybe a lot) and i thought to myself “how the hell am i gonna do this without an assistant outside the country?” i’ll find out the answer to that later. for now, i’ll just be thankful that i got through with this video.

chad and knelle is one of the nicest couple that we had. unlike the traditional couple’s entrance at the reception, the night began with the dance. they got the prom night theme goin’ on and since it was the closest thing to me being in a prom (i’ve never been in an actual prom before and i always wanted to be in one), i cherished the moment. turn on vimeo’s hd for optimum viewing experience! =)

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  • Hi Bim! We’ve been constantly checking your site to see if you’ve uploaded our video already… at last! hehehe.. we can’t get enough of it. :D Anyway, thanks so much for the wonderful onsite video. Everyone was (and still is) raving about it.
    Congrats and best wishes to you and Gen! :)



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