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[the perfect makeup]//[ej & ginger]

october 17, 2009//santuario de san antonio//manila peninsula//photography: dino lara//coordination: jody liwanag//gown: rajo laurel//mua: barbie chan//styling: pido the carnival-themed wedding filled with beautiful colors and happy people was, hands down, the grandest and most elaborate set-up i have ever seen. what a wonderful sight the couple […]

[top ten]

man oh man. this time, it sunk in quick! we are voted by the w@wies as one of the top ten suppliers in 2009 and i just can’t be grateful enough. back when i started, i dreamed about this. in the philippine wedding industry, it’s […]

[fast cars]//[irving & lorraine]

october 16, 2009//shrine of st. therese//hotel intercon//blue leaf the shrine of st. therese didn’t look as big as it did the last time but it was breathtaking nonetheless. this church is still one of my favorite in the metro. the long blue carpet and the […]

[eleven]//[patrick & joey]

october 4, 2009//crowne plaza//mary the queen parish//wack wack golf and country club//photography: jeff and lisa//photography: raymond fortun//wedding gown: veluz eleven years is a very long time. isn’t it amazing how two people can stay that long with all that changes and end up in the […]

[old(er) school]//[alvin & fleur]

september 19, 2009//bellevue hotel//st. james the great//att. raymond fortun yes, an opm song…just one of the many things i love about this sde. it was the same day i took the seminar for…now i am not sure what that seminar was for! all i know […]

[lomo lovin’]//[jc & diana]

september 12, 2009//san agustin church//manila hotel//paul vincent photography if you like pictures as much as all the people i know do, you’re in for a treat. =) don’t let the floating restaurant’s movie house setting fool you, this video is have as much stills as […]

[star registry]//[arvin & janey]

september 5, 2009 – santuario de san antonio manila peninsula thank you arvin and janey. we had such a great time working with you on your wedding day! you guys are one of the coolest couples we have had. thank you for the card and […]

[black dancing shoes]//[warlie & jihan]

august 9, 2009 – glass garden choreographed first dance makes great videos! it’s also a great way to entertain the crowd. open your reception with your dance moves and you are guaranteed to bring the house down. during warlie and jihan’s number, a little twist […]

[chemistry]//[tj & joy]

august 8, 2008 – the manila cathedral i think some people were bummed out by the priest at the cathedral who did a “sermon” about people talking over their phones/ talking to each other while the mass was ongoing. perhaps it’s not something tj or […]

[yellow ribbon] // [carlo + jackie]

september 6, 2009 – santuario de san antonio manila peninsula rainy thursday wedding. early call time. stunning gown. charming bride. great vows. an intimate dinner reception. cool sde. for mrs. aquino: i was there, i was four, during the first edsa revolution. i remember sitting […]