International Wedding Videographer


paintbrush//nolan & marisol

ceremony: santuario de san jose reception: edsa shangri-la photo: ennox wedding art i had the impression that nolan was the shy type. that, of course, changed as soon as i saw him do his thing on the dance floor during the first dance with his […]

hand-painted//ryan and melanie

ceremony: sacred heart preparations: the picasso reception: the loft photo: paul vincent hmu: angie cruz & ogie rayel couture: niko hernandez invitation: the goldfish pool i was immediately reminded of our wedding invitation as soon as i saw lanie and ryan’s invites. the beautiful colors […]

tough play//paolo & joan

ceremony: christ the king reception: mango farm photo: j lucas reyes flowers: vatel manila catering: k by cunanan packed inside mango farm’s glass pavilion, midway the rockeoke session, a female friend of the couple chose alanis morissette’s “ironic.” the other guests couldn’t help but sing […]

the icing and the cake//jp & bing

wedding: santuario de san jose venue: oasis couture: gretchen pichay otd: once a bride from mixed martial arts to local celebrity boo-boos, batchamtes’ gossip, basketball and everything naked/fully clothed in beween, my buddy jp and a couple other best friends of ours can and will […]

PTV turns 3!

the wedding expo just ended and i would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who booked us during the event and the our soon-to-wed clients who dropped by to say hi. it’s a shame to admit that i have talked to a hundred […]

countdown//edu & aeza

just four hours before i posted this video, i was updated by edu’s facebook status about aeza being pregnant! amazing how scary powerful this social networking site. even more mind blowing is the fact that the couple is less than two weeks into their married […]

slumbook//joseph & leia

ceremony: central united methodist church venue:1 esplanade photo: paul vincent hmu: bambi fuentes couture: patis tesoro joseph and leia’s vows were delivered as perfectly as it was written. so good that both the bride and the groom’s fathers spent the whole time wiping away their […]

dare to move//paul & paulene

santuario de san antonio the loft photo: mimi and karl our wild december wedding rush came to a halt with a wedding so laid back, so relaxed, we almost forgot we were in the middle of the peak season. paul and paulene’s wedding was so […]

as big as the universe//aj & la

ceremony: magallanes church photo: paul vincent it’s been quite a while, my schedule is tighter than ever the new year awaits and the adventure keeps getting better twenty ten be gone, hello two-o-one-one have a wonderful new year every one

serendipity//lawrence & jinky

wedding: santuario de san jose venue: manila peninsula photo: nelwin uy a year ago, i was on my way inside a church in makati when i bumped into lawrence. he just got engaged and he was looking for a wedding videographer. we chatted for a […]