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Ready to Launch: June 2012

Ready to Launch: June 2012

Our website is undergoing an awesome transformation! I will be posting updates and recent developments until our target launching date which is June 1, 2012. We are doing this of course for the betterment of all mankind! =)

got mail?

the mailman is too lazy to drop by our place so my beautiful wife and my loving sister had to pick the package up from the post office themselves. apparently, my shih tzu is a lot more eager to open the package than i was. […]

thumbprints//barry & lani & the horse whisperer//nikoli & kristine

here’s a couple of videos from the wet and wild december craze. these are actually back to back tagaytay weddings during the second week when i think i spent too much time with the red chair and horses. =) happy new year y’all! ceremony: madre […]

rainbow city

rainbow city

ten days. it was a painfully short trip but i wouldn’t want it any other way! =) fourteen years ago, my dad went to hawaii to make the ultimate sacrifice of leaving his family behind to provide us with a better life. from the very […]

bebek | derrick & bonny

bebek | derrick & bonny

international wedding: kayumanis nusa dua spa and resort bali, indonesia | photo: bunn salarzon hotel california was playing inside my head as i walk from bonny’s villa to derrick’s early on during their wedding day. no, no, it wasn’t the music i’m using for their […]

what a rush//roadtrip 2011

ahh, the great white north! it has always been close to my heart. when our friends from the agency called us to book our services for this year’s edition of the infamous roadtrip, we were much delighted to learn that the three-day tour will start […]

Mauie and Sam

destination wedding: chapel of transfiguration, caleruega reception: taal vista, tagaytay photo: paul vincent hmu: mica tuaƱo couture: nx couture the craze that is mauie and sam’s wedding is finally over and done with but the music and the dancing go on. after back to back […]

a matter of give and give//mark & tin

ceremony: santuario de san antonio reception: midas hotel photo: erron ocampo hmu: madge lejano you’ve heard it a hundred times before that rain on your wedding day means blessing and the harder it fall, the more blessing you’re gonna have. working under the rain is […]

ugly cry//ogge & sel

ceremony: shrine of jesus reception: manila polo club ogge and sel, roughly eight months after we first met, couldn’t contain their emotions as they watched their sde. i never realized until then how emotional they were. and as much as i don’t want to think […]