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derek & christy

april 26, 2008 – boracay the holy rosary church mandala spa friday’s resort our recent trip to boracay was simply amazing. we were able to enjoy the beach for one whole day. it almost felt like it was a vacation! man, i almost got myself […]

sam & ina

may 29, 2008 – st. ignatius chapel, camp aguinaldo holiday inn the mango farm less than three weeks before their wedding day, i got a call from sam. the conversation went something like this: 4:30 pm sam: hello, can i speak to phoeben? bim: yes […]

aladin & jessele: back to zero

may 17, 2008 – malate church manila pavillion teatrillo intramuros ten years (is it?) together is a very long time for a couple this young. as soon as she said those famous two words (in this case “opo padre!”) though, all those years are gone […]

vincent and mheann: plane ticket

san agustin church – april 27, 2008 hyatt hotel the coconut palace it was eight in the morning and i was sitting at an airport an hour away from manila tapping my head with my fingers. i just had less than a couple hours of […]

kendrick & rea: supah papalicious

oasis – april 6, 2008 linden suites ortigas she’s crazy. she almost made my good friend paul vincent cry because of her constant mockery; she put my main man jayson arquiza in tremendous pressure, pushing him to the limit; she even made me tear down […]

mark & tina: long way around

santuario de san jose – april 5, 2008 edsa shangri-la hotel i was taking a nap every opportunity i got. literally. on the way to the church; back to the hotel; waiting for the cue to play the onsite video; man, i just had a […]

on the other side of the lens

engaged for almost four months, i believe “the bride” and i have accomplished quite a lot now. see, we’ve booked our church-st. james the great(est) and the venue-fernbrook. being a supplier and all, i thought this is gonna be a piece of cake, not! being […]

an offer you can’t refuse

we now have a new package made special for couples on the go…you get your onsite video in dvd and all the tapes of the whole event right after the wedding. you don’t even have to wait ’til next morning! here’s our offer: on-the-go package […]


though limited by just screen grabs from the video project, the part i enjoy most during editing is creating the dvd menus mainly because of two reasons: one, i can express myself as i explore/learn more stuff about the very powerful adobe photoshop program and […]