International Wedding Videographer


benson & leslie

june 14, 2009 – shrine of jesus sofitel edit: finally! after days of waiting, here’s the couple’s avp. this one’s shot entirely with canon 5d markII. don’t forget to turn the hd button on! argh! for days, i am having problems uploading to vimeo but […]

jun & cel (independence day special)

june 12, 2009 – christ the king the mango farm astoria plaza for the second straight week, we were at astoria plaza and the mango farm. the room was packed with excited people but perhaps none more than the couple’s smart little daughter ella. nah, […]

kel & shie

june 6, 2009 – dellastrada parish astoria plaza mango farm i easily lost focus when the groom started performing magic tricks. i still can’t figure out how he made the ring levitate. crazy cool david blaine/chris angel stuff, these things make me wanna stop whatever […]

cel & eunice

may 31, 2009 – grace christian church edsa shangri-la manila polo club it was a very emotional wedding. bridesmaids drying their eyes, dads holding back their tears, moms crying…there was too much love in the air, it was unbearable and just plain beautiful. i swear […]

azis & sooky: a muslim groom and a catholic bride

may 18, 2009 – the glass garden edsa shangri-la it was my first time to shoot a muslim wedding but by now i am used to wedding day surprises. even the song for the same day edit was decided after the bride and groom were […]

marwin & cathy (the longest one)

may 16, 2009 – magallanes church manila peninsula my shooting style is mostly for fast-paced videos filled with crazy camera movements, intentional blurs and snap zooms. my talent, if you want to call it that, however, is not limited to quick cuts and special effects. […]

puy & chie

may 8, 2009 – christ the king renaissance hotel the thought of puy being a wedding photographer added a little more pressure doing the already difficult same day edit…but i admit, their song choice is one i am willing to edit any day of the […]

dennis & teri

may 2, 2009 – our lady of lourdes balai taal more than a year and a half ago, when we had no more than six onsite video samples, dennis sent me a text message telling me that he was at hou and joy’s wedding reception, […]

marco & leah

may 1, 2009 – our lady of pentecost linden suites glass garden inside marco’s room, the guys were playing r.e.m.’s losing my religion like a real pro (made me buy my own rockband set.) i remember the groom handing me the guitar and asking me […]

neil & tin

april 26, 2009 – chapel on the hill taal vista 1. they had one of the best vows i’ve ever heard. 2. they did not get a professional coordinator. 3. rnb ain’t my cup of tea. 4. this is the first time that i never […]