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wedding teaser

hair glitters//ken & janice

hair glitters//ken & janice

international wedding: st. teresa, singapore | reception: klapson’s the boutique hotel singapore | photo: mangored, jayson and joanne international | couture: veluz for just this instance, let’s forget about money shots. let’s drop them fancy crane shots and smooth glides. for just this instance, let’s […]

crazy beautiful//anton & pat

hula hoop, black cats, wings, classical elements, tribal tatoos…all in one helluva night. my wedding fillmmaking career will end some twenty years from now but i doubt that i’d ever witness another wedding like this. here’s twenty seconds of that magical moment in anamorphic widescreen!

javi & marie – wedding teaser

here’s something different. i’ll have to make the video speak for itself or it loses it’s purpose. =)