crazy beautiful//anton & pat

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hula hoop, black cats, wings, classical elements, tribal tatoos…all in one helluva night. my wedding fillmmaking career will end some twenty years from now but i doubt that i’d ever witness another wedding like this. here’s twenty seconds of that magical moment in anamorphic widescreen!

w@w videofest

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the first ever w@w videofest will happen on january 30, 2009 at rockwell power plant cinema 4. i am overwhelmed with mixed emotions right now and i’m still wearing the smile i had when i received benz’ invitation. kudos to oly and the whole metrophoto team for the wonderful pictorial. check out the teaser made […]

hdv ready

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welcome to the show!

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welcome to our new home! a lot of stuff are still goin’ on and minor updates are yet to be done but what the heck i can’t wait any longer…anyway, a little more patience and this is gonna be up and going by the end of next week. for the meantime, is currently having […]