Carlo & Carmela/The Cars

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It’s been a while since my wife last shot a wedding and frankly, with the surprisingly quick development of our second team, I find myself missing her talents in the field quite often. Then came one of the hottest dates of December and a mix up with my team personnel find us in an interesting […]

Wellington & Stephanie/Statistics

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What a year that was! Words escape my thoughts as I look back to all the blessing I had this past year. I may have traveled to more places to shoot beautiful wedding videos this year than any other year I had in my career but somehow my most unforgettable experience is not a wedding […]

Rene & Dawn/Bridal Bus

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December. With traffic this bad and places packed and busy, it is best to stay at home witha cup of tea and a good book or better yet, an SDE from PTV. Let me tell you a little bit about what happened during Rene and Dawn’s wedding without spoiling their wedding video. Right off the […]

Vic & Lara/Pocket Square

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Vic & Lara/Pocket Square

It was perhaps our craziest trip up north. During the time when typhoon Yolanda was about to wreak havoc in the southern Philippines, we’re driving away from the storm to a fair-weathered Ilocos Norte. As my heart slowly breaks watching what should have been a beautiful garden reception set-up being transferred indoors, I realized that […]

Six Pack! An SDE Marathon

The taste of roasted malt slowly but surely rolls into every inch of my taste buds. Another day is almost over, or for some has just begun. A month has passed since my wife gave birth to our first born, yes I am a father now of a healthy baby boy, and I haven’t been […]

Jeck & Queency / Power of Choice

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Jeck & Queency / Power of Choice

Oh how we love weekday weddings! The feeling is like waking up on Christmas morning and a set of custom made X-men Lego minifigures from waiting for you under the Christmas tree. (Well, I actually don’t know how that feels yet but I imagine that’d be awesome and since Christmas is right around the […]

Ace & Rissa / The Search is Over

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Ace & Rissa / The Search is Over

As I wait for another glass of an unknown candy-colored drink from perhaps the busiest open bar I’ve seen in a long time, I watch as the groom gives another tequila shot to another random guy trying to say goodbye. On the other side of the floor is the bride doing the exact same thing. […]

Mark & Charo / Super Fan

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Mark & Charo / Super Fan

If there was one thing I wish I did during our wedding back in ’09, it was burn the freaking dance floor with my dance moves just like what Mark & Charo did last week. Totally brought the house down and reading from some facebook comments from the bride herself, the groom was the one […]

Super Like / Mel & Joy

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Super Like / Mel & Joy

I lost count how many bridesmaids Joy had but she sure had a crazy bunch at her disposal during her big day! It was a very busy and very animated bridal preparations we’ve seen in a while. =) In contrary, inside the groom’s suite was a group of shy and quiet guys as if waiting […]

Always Been You / Francis & Den

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I have three empty glasses of what were ice cold heat quenchers sitting on my work station and all I can think of is floating face down in Boracay’s refreshing waters…reminding me of our team’s summer outing that has been postponed and rescheduled for the third time. The Candy Crush Ipad game and my constant […]