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[good]//[jose & liza]

date: november 7, 2009//church: sta. maria dela strada//preps: edsa shangri-la//reception: glass garden//photo: paul vincent photography as the day nears, i get more excited. the schedule is as hectic as it can be and every day ends can’t seem to be enough. even my constantly updated […]

[the ondoy story i never had]//[vince and melai]

september 26, 2009 – st. ignatius chapel crowne plaza photographer: redsheep photography i do not have an ondoy story. on that fateful day, during the worst typhoon our country has experienced for more than four decades, i was on the sixteenth floor, safe and dry. […]

my christmas story

(the following blog post was written at about 2 a.m. christmas morning) man this turned out to be the sweetest christmas! both my phones officially ran out of battery from all the messages i have received from friends. earlier today, i got myself a 50mm […]

w@w videofest

the first ever w@w videofest will happen on january 30, 2009 at rockwell power plant cinema 4. i am overwhelmed with mixed emotions right now and i’m still wearing the smile i had when i received benz’ invitation. kudos to oly and the whole metrophoto […]

on the other side of the lens

engaged for almost four months, i believe “the bride” and i have accomplished quite a lot now. see, we’ve booked our church-st. james the great(est) and the venue-fernbrook. being a supplier and all, i thought this is gonna be a piece of cake, not! being […]