noontime show//dave & mimi

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noontime show//dave & mimi

destination wedding: acuatico beach resort, batangas city photo: imagination the footwear dave and mimi had for their beach wedding brought back bittersweet longing of my childhood memories from the not so distant past. =) oh how i used and abused those favorite rambo flip-flops of mine ’til the the two inch thick rainbow colored sole […]

nakaw-tingin//miguel & emily

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destination wedding: our lady of lourdes, tagaytay venue: clearwater house, tagaytay photo: paul vincent couture: jerome ang, rajo laurel catering: passion cooks (this blog entry has been written on the actual wedding day.) it’s friggin’ freezing in tagaytay and blogging in this weather condition is making my brain stutter. :) it’s gonna be my first […]

the ultimate party | ravi & milan

the ultimate party | ravi & milan

international wedding: bali, indonesia | photo: nelwin uy them indians know how to party! at this very moment, i am still overwhelmed! hands down it was the craziest, grandest and the most awesome wedding celebration we have ever witnessed. how ravi and milan pulled it off in such short period, four months to be exact, […]

melbourne | marlon & jackie

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melbourne | marlon & jackie

international wedding: melbourne, australia for our very first wedding for 2011, we went back to australia! it was our second trip to the land down under and it was another unforgettable experience. i had the pleasure to be a part of marlon’s buck’s party which by the way was all in good clean fun. it […]

happy(er) beginning//jecco & abi

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destination wedding: madre de dios, tagaytay highlands photo: metrophoto our last wedding of the year didn’t need fireworks to be as explosive as new year’s eve. sometimes, a kiss this good (and i quote from a comment on the bride’s fb page……ang lupet ng kissing scene parang teleserye!) has got enough firepower as the infamous […]

one for the road//jeb & dianne

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destination wedding: san roque chapel, subic photo: oly ruiz december has come and gone in a blink of an eye but i still have a few videos to blog about before i can truly say goodbye to twenty ten. one of the few is jeb and dianne’s subic wedding. one of the great things i […]

part deux//joel & pattie

EDIT: if you’re a fan of barney stinson, this will look a little familiar…except of course this really happened! legend…wait for it… … … …dary! here’s the couple’s love story! enjoy! destination wedding: corito’s garden, batangas city photo: xander angeles couture: mich dulce hello december! joel and pattie owns this oh so gorgeous place in […]

durian durian//jett & eden

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destination wedding: st. paul parish, davao city jett and eden personally picked us up at the davao international airport, treated us to the best chinese food in town, bought us the yummiest and smelliest fruit in the market, billeted us in a wonderful condo filled with just about everything we needed, and so much more […]

gamepoint: where legends are made//dave and larae

destination wedding: st. mary’s cathedral, sydney, australia i’d be lying if i’ll say that this is not the wedding that i’ve been waiting for all year. =) as a matter of fact, i’ve been looking forward to this since the day i received larae’s first email. where do i begin? how about some five hours […]