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that’s entertainment//jorell & val

destination wedding: chapel of transfiguration, tagaytay photo: paul vincent singing like an american idol is one way to get everyone’s attention. this is exactly what happened during jorell and val’s wedding ceremony. i even caught val’s dad singing along. i was having a lot of […]

coffee beans//eggy & len

destination wedding: madre de dios, tagaytay midlands venue: tagaytay midlands veranda photo: nelwin uy hmu: the makeup studio coordinator: ernest pascual styling: badang rueda lights and sounds: sensitivity man, the last time i blogged was so long ago i had to check the format of […]

tora tora//raymond & wilma

destination wedding: the lakeshore, pampanga hmu: the make-up studio couture: veluz, randy ortiz styling: badang rueda otd: events and concepts a plane, a boat and a vintage jaguar – a very rare combination that makes a sweet sde even more a lot more appealing to […]

jairus & quin – same day edit

destination wedding: chapel of transfiguration, reception: splendido photo: paul vincent couture: veluz picturesque is defined as visually charming, as if resembling or suitable for a painting. this holds true from the postcard perfect new house to the beautiful young couple that are quin and jairus. […]

noontime show//dave & mimi

noontime show//dave & mimi

destination wedding: acuatico beach resort, batangas city photo: imagination the footwear dave and mimi had for their beach wedding brought back bittersweet longing of my childhood memories from the not so distant past. =) oh how i used and abused those favorite rambo flip-flops of […]

nakaw-tingin//miguel & emily

destination wedding: our lady of lourdes, tagaytay venue: clearwater house, tagaytay photo: paul vincent couture: jerome ang, rajo laurel catering: passion cooks (this blog entry has been written on the actual wedding day.) it’s friggin’ freezing in tagaytay and blogging in this weather condition is […]

the ultimate party | ravi & milan

the ultimate party | ravi & milan

international wedding: bali, indonesia | photo: nelwin uy them indians know how to party! at this very moment, i am still overwhelmed! hands down it was the craziest, grandest and the most awesome wedding celebration we have ever witnessed. how ravi and milan pulled it […]

melbourne | marlon & jackie

melbourne | marlon & jackie

international wedding: melbourne, australia for our very first wedding for 2011, we went back to australia! it was our second trip to the land down under and it was another unforgettable experience. i had the pleasure to be a part of marlon’s buck’s party which […]

happy(er) beginning//jecco & abi

destination wedding: madre de dios, tagaytay highlands photo: metrophoto our last wedding of the year didn’t need fireworks to be as explosive as new year’s eve. sometimes, a kiss this good (and i quote from a comment on the bride’s fb page……ang lupet ng kissing […]