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Jump Shot / Alex & Bianca

Jump Shot / Alex & Bianca

My team and I were extra early, waking up to the gorgeous sunrise at the equally beautiful Amarela Resort. They were still fixing the tents by the beach for that night’s Reception and the sand castle was almost done. Are cameras have been rolling for […]

javi & marie – wedding teaser

here’s something different. i’ll have to make the video speak for itself or it loses it’s purpose. =)

[rainbow]//[javi & marie]

destination wedding: dauis church, bohol//date: december 8, 2009//venue: bohol beach club//hmu: angie cruz & ogie rayel//gown: veluz reyes//photographer: jeff & lisa//videographer: phoeben teocson it was a wedding filled with traditions and attended by the closest family and friends from all over the world. by then, […]