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Charles & Eileen / Sleeping with the Enemy

Charles and Eileen approached us a few months before their wedding day with an idea. They wanted to make a tribute video for their family and friends using photographs but they didn’t want the usual photo slideshow. And like any other couple, they wanted to […]

part deux//joel & pattie

EDIT: if you’re a fan of barney stinson, this will look a little familiar…except of course this really happened! legend…wait for it… … … …dary! here’s the couple’s love story! enjoy! destination wedding: corito’s garden, batangas city photo: xander angeles couture: mich dulce hello december! […]

[kapag tumibok ang puso]//[cedric & jackie]

september 9, 2009 – our lady of lourdes one tagaytay place hotel suites photo: wally gonzales for a moment let’s forget about the onsite video. oh it is special, it’s just that i don’t feel like talking about sde’s today. i want to tell the […]

[must love dogs]//[emoy & shirley]

august 29, 2009 – fernbrook gardens fact: siberian huskies rarely bark. instead, they howl like a wolf. emoy and shirley had entered the reception venue with a golden retriever and a siberian husky. i’m pretty sure their other six doggies were bummed out when they […]

dan & jen (not the wedding videographers)

december 15, 2008 – calaruega t house casablanca monday morning traffic is too much to bear, lucky for me i was asleep the whole trip. i was busy the night before (maybe 2-3 a.m. in the morning) putting on the finishing touches to the couples […]

jay & ruby

november 26, 2008 – mt. carmel shrine edsa sahngri-la fr. horan hall, mt. carmel it’s been a long time, more than a year to be exact, since i posted a 3d montage. no surprises there though as the special photo slideshow is only our second […]

nico & corinne – love story

november 22, 2008 – fernbrook bellevue hotel here’s a story…the couple had a very interesting concept for a bachelor’s game…ten locks, ten keys, ten bachelors, ten bachelorettes, only one key can open a specific lock…see the picture?…i was behind one of my shooters giving some […]

jon and chyssa: love story

august 8, 2008 – the manila cathedral the manila hotel i find it really interesting that each one of the supplier wedding blogs i frequently visit is totally on a standstill. very interesting indeed, a day after the most awaited date in the wedding industry […]

pj & jo

the greenery, bulacan i had two hours raw video to be squeezed into a 4-minute mtv. it wasn’t as easy as i thought it would be…or maybe i tried too hard. =) nonetheless, i made something quite extraordinary. watch closely and see if your eyes […]