International Wedding Videographer

bobby & andrea

october 17, 2008 – our lady of lourdes
canyon woods
splendido taal, tagaytay city

00:00:00;00 – couple’s pictorial at splendido’s summit
00:00:58;28 – charlie wears his tux
00:01:01;00 – our glidetrack debuts! (sweeeeet!!! man)
00:01:21;00 – bobby (my fellow bosconian) , walks the walk
00:02:21:01 – the first dance
00:02:41:24 – the grand entrance
00:03:03;01 – joker shot (this is what my team calls it in reference to the movie the dark knight where director christopher nolan shoots, usually during a joker scene, kinda like this way.)
00:03:19;01 – my favorite shot
00:03:38;09 – the video maker’s name

i’m really happy to be a part of bobby and andrea’s wedding day. thank you guys, for moving your date for me…i mean, for those superstitious stuff. =) the fireworks display was nothing short of spectacular! andrea, thank you for allowing me to use the song, if all my brides will only give me the artistic freedom! =) bobby, one message bro, and allow me to quote someone familiar…’run, jump, make noise…and damnit, populate this ugly world with beauty…but do not sin!’ see you guys soon!

download here.

4 thoughts on “bobby & andrea”

  • Hi Bim! (ayan, Bim na!)

    Bosconian ka pala. Si Puy Bosconian din! And “Run, jump, make noise but do not sin” is one of his guiding mottos in life.

  • To the PTV team, Thank you very much for the awesome onsite video you made for us! you’re team exceeded much of our expectations! salute and cheers to you guys!!

    For the rest of our life, we will always remember how great that day was and we have the video you made for us as a proof!:)

    Bim, thank you again for always being kind and accomodating. You’re one of the blessings that came from th “change of date” thingy..

    for all the stress, tears, and hardwork. It was all worth it!!

    GOD bless guys! More Blessings!!! :)

  • hi bim!

    i just love the video! u caught the perfect moments! really… compliments on your great work!

    looking forward to meeting you soon!

    God bless!

    ps. btw, we’re one of your dec. weddings =)

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