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[blue veil]//[oliver & claudine]

destination wedding: hilltop mimosa, clarkfield pampanga//date: december 4, 2009//styling:victorian blooms by badang rueda// photographer: jeff and lisa//videographer: phoeben teocson

a stretch that includes three weddings (including back to back) in tagaytay, one in bohol and one in laiya batangas began with one in clark pampanga. since the driving duties were mostly mine, i manage to sleep to an average of five hours per night. today, i’ll get the first of a very much needed three-day-break. then again, the seventy two hours of rest includes seven meetings, one whole day for equipment repair, two avps and a partridge in a pear tree. i’ll also grab this opportunity to blog as much as i can. =) and, if i really get lucky, i’ll squeeze in a massage session for my aching knee, and drop by a facial salon…for the wife. =)

shout out to rhia, one of my future bride, for referring claudine, her sister-in-law. watch out for my cameo at about 2:35. the video will tell the rest of the story. enjoy! =)

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  • you’re very much welcome phoeben and jen :) thanks for the shout out *blushes* great vid as always…you guys deserve all the accolades…see u again in april :D and…aawww, cute cameo ^.*

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