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Ulan at Lupa

Ulan at Lupa

Raymond Yao & Ayx Enriquez
Ceremony: Shrine of St. Therese
Reception: The Blue Leaf Filipinas
Photo: Paul Vincent Photography
Coordinator: Just Like Ours
Gown: Zandra Lim

EDM – Electronic Dance Music. I had to google it to make sure that it meant what I think it means and that Ayx really wants this for her onsite video. I was like WTF (google it if you don’t know what this means,) who in the right state of mind will want a Nicki Minaj kind of music for their wedding SDE?! (Turns out, quite a few! I have another dance music coming up soon so keep yourselves posted!) Raymond, the groom and a dancer himself, must be behind this. So I went to Youtube to search for a royalty free music and found Gunnar Olsen’s First to Last. I thought this will perfectly suit the couple.

I’ve known Raymond and Ayx way back from when we shot Mauie and Sam’s love story avp for the latter’s wedding in 2011. Back then, Raymond and Ayx weren’t even a couple yet. As a matter of fact, Ayx insists that we were the reason they ended up together. =) I never told her but matchmaking is part of what we do. It is what’s best for business, it keeps the ball rolling! =) My wife and I have grown close to Raymond and Ayx without even meeting them ever again since Mauie and Sam’s wedding day. Thank you Facebook. I’m sure that they’ve been into a lot of weddings but they never really looked for anyone else to film their big day but us. I’d like to believe that it’s because I am one real badass wedding videographer but the truth is that I not only had a hand into them dating but also I made them think that I am nice and friendly. Constantly liking and commenting on their pictures and facebook statuses. Oh man how I waited for more than three years until Raymond asked Ayx to marry her! Thankfully she said yes and as expected, they commissioned us to cover their wedding day even before securing their church (Shrine of St. Therese) and reception (The Blue Leaf Filipinas) venues! That my friends is what you call a long con! =)

Kidding aside, I am truly happy and proud to be a part of Raymond and Ayx’ wedding. If you are a follower of our facebook page, you’ve seen the video teaser of how gorgeous the bride looked. Raymond’s best man Pao (also a PTV groom) had to hold him up as he broke into tears seeing his bride for the first time. Good thing we got some funky music going on for their SDE eliminating the danger of him looking too emotional. =) I have to hide this one of a kind wedding film for a week to give it the proper exposure that it deserves. Without further ado, here’s the video that opened our 2015! =)

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