Mark & Czarina / Slow and Steady

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Mark & Czarina – Solaire Wedding SDE Ceremony: San Sebastian Church Reception: Solaire Resort and Casino Photography: Eugene Martinez I mean seriously, how much time should we really be spending watching footage of famous and not so famous personalities getting in and out of an elevator? Well, truth be told, I have been spending a […]

Det & Shean / Bawal Demure

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Det and Shean’s rooms we’re both filled with their carefree entourage that seemed to have brought in more than enough positive energy required in one’s wedding. Everybody was crazy and having fun bordering too happy if there’s such a thing, and it was the perfect way to celebrate one’s special day. Of course, the being […]

Carlo & Carmela/The Cars

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It’s been a while since my wife last shot a wedding and frankly, with the surprisingly quick development of our second team, I find myself missing her talents in the field quite often. Then came one of the hottest dates of December and a mix up with my team personnel find us in an interesting […]

Wellington & Stephanie/Statistics

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What a year that was! Words escape my thoughts as I look back to all the blessing I had this past year. I may have traveled to more places to shoot beautiful wedding videos this year than any other year I had in my career but somehow my most unforgettable experience is not a wedding […]

Rene & Dawn/Bridal Bus

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December. With traffic this bad and places packed and busy, it is best to stay at home witha cup of tea and a good book or better yet, an SDE from PTV. Let me tell you a little bit about what happened during Rene and Dawn’s wedding without spoiling their wedding video. Right off the […]

Vic & Lara/Pocket Square

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Vic & Lara/Pocket Square

It was perhaps our craziest trip up north. During the time when typhoon Yolanda was about to wreak havoc in the southern Philippines, we’re driving away from the storm to a fair-weathered Ilocos Norte. As my heart slowly breaks watching what should have been a beautiful garden reception set-up being transferred indoors, I realized that […]

Daddy Dumbass

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Being a father has been a has been one heck of a roller-coaster ride. I have never been so fulfilled, inspired and disoriented. Almost a couple of months in and my dancing has ridiculously improved though my singing, no thanks to the baby, has always been this bad ass. The boy has not only made […]

Hans & Lufei/Gate Crashers

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Hans & Lufei/Gate Crashers

A week after my wife gave birth, I found myself confined into an eight hour plane ride headed to Bali for a wedding. I have no problem with that whatsoever, Bali has always been special and a beautiful wedding destination and as a matter of fact, I’ve been looking forward to this wedding the whole […]

Fast Forward 2013

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Fast Forward 2013

Wow! Still the words escape me when I look back to last weekend’s very successful Fast Forward 2013, the first and only videography collective in the Philippines. It was my very first time to speak in front of a crowd and to be honest, I never imagined doing such thing. Sharing the stage with film/commercial […]

Six Pack! An SDE Marathon

The taste of roasted malt slowly but surely rolls into every inch of my taste buds. Another day is almost over, or for some has just begun. A month has passed since my wife gave birth to our first born, yes I am a father now of a healthy baby boy, and I haven’t been […]